About Us

About Odelia, Owner & Designer 
This year  I will be turning 50, experienced and young at heart. I'm married and we have two boys - ages 12 & 7 who keep me on my toes.
In 1992 I graduated in fashion design at Shenkar college of textile. Since then I have been working and designing my own brand - growing my business, learning and doing what I love.









✨ Goa Magic - Where does it come from?

In 1993 I traveled to Goa, India for the first time. Goa, one of the legendary hippie places that became the capital of rave/trance parties. There I discovered the beauty of India and the absolute freedom of being a modern nomad.

From then, which is almost 24 years, I moved from place to place - discovering the beauty in each new destination and allowing myself to be enraptured by what each location offered,which in turn became my muse for my designs. 

Over the 24 years, I never stayed more than 6 months at one place - but Goa was always the place I continued to return to. I found myself amazing locals to work with, who I still call my close friends till today. 



















✨ Who is Goa Magic For?

For years I was designing pieces which I sold in the hippie markets of Goa and around the world.  My designs were always belonging to the alternative way of life. Goa fashion is a combination of hippie chic, hard core style and the modern traveler fashion .


As a professional pattern maker, I put a lot of effort into creating designs that compliment any woman's figure. I honestly  spend days and nights working on cuts and patterns that will take the best from each of us sisters and make us beautiful, satisfied and feeling good in our body. This is where my mission lies. I'm creating things to wear for all of us sisters, wherever you are , whatever your age and what shape your body is.


This is my philosophy - this is ‘Goa Magic’.


✨ Where is Goa Magic Now?

I used to make big collections of clothes, but the last few years I'm concertinaing on swimwear and sandals. My designs are original and unique, something that’s very important for me. I want you to see my designs and know  it’s me. For someone who always lived in Summer next to the beach, it was natural to concentrate on Summer wear


As my kids are growing (fast), I returned to Israel where I make my production of swimwear. In Israel I'm able to create my swimwear at higher standards than in India, which is very important to me.

 I love to spend time with my family, mostly on the beach - It’s is my pleasure, inspiration and energy source.

Wishing you to enjoy Goa Magic, as much as I do creating it.

Sending magic your way x