About Goa Magic

Goa Magic is a unique swimwear and yoga fashion brand, founded in 1994.
The unique look is created by combining few fashion trends : Boho-chic, trance wear and modern nomads style. The mix of all styles together create the new statement of Goa Magic swimsuits and activewear.  

Goa Magic items are must have for any leisure, party, beach or physical activity. Goa Magic items are available in Ibiza, Tel Aviv, Goa, Tulum and can be shipped worldwide.


The Goa Magic Spirit

Goa Magic is an alternative lifestyle: It’s about a clear-blue water beach strip, trance parties, and yoga mats. These original and unique clothing pieces stand out and are recognized everywhere you go. You, the Magic Sisters, are free nomad souls who deserve fashionable clothes that can be worn everywhere, regardless of age, body size or shape.  Our unique patterns and fabric types will allow you to bring out the best in you, the beautiful soul that you are. From the morning yoga session to swimming towards the mesmerizing sunset, the Magic Sisters are taking a deep breath and feeling limitless and completely free, wherever they are.


“My designs have always been recognized as part of an alternative lifestyle fashion, living most of my life by the sea, it was only natural that I focus on summer fashion and bathing suits. My designs are original and can be easily distinguished from the rest – when you see them, you will know it is me.”


About Odelia Susak - The Designer

In 1992 I received my fashion design degree from Shenkar College of textile, and a year later took my first trip to Goa. There, in the beautiful land of India, I discovered the complete and utter freedom of being a modern nomad. I spent the next 24 years traveling, moving from one country to another – never staying put more than 6 months. The magic and beauty I stumbled upon during my journey were the muses and the main inspiration for my designs. Visiting all these places has been an incredible experience, though Goa is the one place I keep coming back to. There, in this legendary place, that turned into the capital of rave and trance parties, I met my work partners who I consider best friends till this very day. In the last couple of years, the center of my life is in Israel. Here I can provide the premium quality clothing I am striving for. I learn from everything and everyone I meet, designing all the Goa Magic Fashion line, doing what I love most.

Wishing you to find that passion and enjoy Goa Magic Fashion as much as I enjoy creating it. 



This is my philosophy - this is ‘Goa Magic’.